Press to Handstand (mini-course)
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Course Description

This course will help you understand the press to handstand movement better by learning the differences between the main variations. Also, you will learn a couple of assisted variations to use in your training.

Key concepts covered:

  • Press to Handstand Score;
  • Common Acrobat Scenarios;
  • Basic Press Variations;
  • Assisted Press Variations;
  • Specific Training progressions.

What You’ll Learn

During this course, you will learn how to calculate your “Press to Handstand” score and find out where you are in terms of achieving this movement.

Also, you will have a better understanding of the press to handstand variations and training drills.


Straddle Press

This press variation is one of the most popular.


Tuck press

A variation that requires less leg flexibility.


Pike Press

For those with good levels of strength and flexibility.


Negative Press

One of the best press to handstand drills.


Bent Arm Press

An easy variation to get familiar with the press movement.


Elevated Feet Press

Another variation that will help you understand the movement.

What people are saying

If you want to get functionally strong for your acro Tudor is your man.
He understands the body very well and will greatly accelerate your effectiveness in your acro journey 🙂
Jesse Saunders

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Thanks to Training for Acro I’m the strongest and most flexible I’ve ever been (even as a former gymnast and avid yogi). I’ve seen changes and improvements beyond what I ever imagined and surprisingly fast – including doing press to handstands! Tudor’s expertise and passion are obvious and infectious; working with him is a pleasure and motivates you to keep pushing yourself to the next level. I’d recommend Training for Acro without a moment’s hesitation.

Thandi Darling

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Combining amazing technical knowledge with the appropriate advice and corrections considering my personal abilities and goals👌

Inês Duarte

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Tudor is a true tutor, his advice, recommendations and training methods as well as training plans are straight forward and adapt perfectly to the state of the individual he is training. Very understanding and a good listener as well as very flexible in regard to goals and needs. This is not some other training app or someone putting some kind of method onto someone but a true mentor who helps you develop, understand and advance your body to new goals. Training with him means you are the centre of attention and growth: An amazing experience.

Cornel-Peter Rodenbusch

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I’ve been working towards a Press to Handstand for a fair amount of time. Longer than most who do, it seemed.
I was diligent and always making progress, but somehow always feeling like I was missing clear direction and specificity.
Tudor helped me find exactly that – always adapting and refining along the way. I love his trainings and structure, I love the way he listens and adjusts.
Finding my first press from the floor felt incredibly satisfying. Even at this point knowing it’s simply one more step – one should celebrate progress.
For any acro-related goal, without question he will help your way there. Thank you Tudor for your work.


Mathieu Duchesneau

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