Tudor Sirbu

Founder of Training for Acro

It was June 2015, about one year after I discovered AcroYoga when I went to my first “Dutch Acro” style workshop with Det and Jim from the Netherlands, organised by Jaqui Van in London.

Really excited to learn new tricks, I was paying loads of attention to what the teachers were saying. At some point, my Acro partner and I realised that we were doing all the tricks and most of them on our first try and we couldn’t believe how easy it was.

During that moment, I was blown away by my body’s potential and I started wondering how I could do all these new tricks on my first try…

The answer came quickly after Jim, one of the teachers, told me that I was a strong base with good flexibility and it all made sense for me… all the training I did since my childhood helped me do all these Acro tricks easily and I was having a great time.

I was very very happy that day and I made a promise to myself; to help others feel as happy as I was. Since then I have been putting together all my best training knowledge to help others enjoy doing better acrobatics.

Tudor Sirbu, founder of Training for Acro

Important events…

September 2017

“Training for Acro” App

  • Launching the dedicated online training platform and mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.
June 2018

Handstand Conditioning

  • A program that focuses on strength, flexibility, balance, breathing and recovery for better handstands
July 2019

The 6-week Plan

  • Online training program that contains up to 10 modules of training organised in four distinct training phases
Nov 2019

Press to Handstand

  • A complete training program dedicated entirely achieving and improving the press to handstand movement
January 2020
“Training for Acro” Workouts

  • A set of dedicated full-body workouts designed around movements with the goal of getting better at Acrobatics

Training for Acro

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